Sam Wadsworth: Still Life Paintings

5 July - 12 August 2017


In this show, Sam Wadsworth presents a new body of work to the public - his still life paintings. Having gained a reputation as one of the most sought after Contemporary Portrait Painters, Sam Wadsworth shows here a very private body of work that he has been working on alongside his portraits. Wadsworth studied under Terry Raybould at Northampton College who has been a continuous influence and mentor for his work.

Still based in Northamptonshire, Wadsworth paints from the attics of Kelmarsh Hall, always from life, and it is here that this body of work has found fruition. Wadsworth comments "My still life paintings are a reaction to what is in front of me and for this show it is predominantly flowers. Simply because they provide good colour and good organic shape, much the same as a nude or a landscape. I also like juxtaposition of this against the solidity of the pots. When I paint it is important for me to look very hard the flower and try to take in what it is. Sometimes the image is working around in my head for days before I start to paint and then when I feel right I go back to the studio and the flower and the canvas and the painting sort of falls out of me, usually fast, leaving me exhausted."


Wadsworth counts Cézanne among his most important influences with these Still life paintings, and also cites the greats of the 20th Century - Matisse, Picasso, Patrick Heron, Tom Hammick, Euan Uglow, and Craigie Aitchison as strong influences.