Carrie Stanley

"My paintings are focused on bringing to the fore the depth of the human condition. Drawing from reference points in the natural world and personal history I channel these into, often large-scale, physical works. Encapsulating visceral, sensory & emotional experiences, I use my whole body as a tool for expressive mark-making, layering & storytelling." Carrie Stanley, 2022
Carrie is an expressive figurative oil painter whose work delves into psychology and personal history via an automatic painting process which allows for a rich, unexpected and vibrant use of colour and marks. Her work seeks to acknowledge the journey and materiality of the paint itself as an important part of this process. 
Carrie studied at the Lorenzo di Medici Art Institute in Florence and is currently a painter with the Turps banana art school. Her work is held in many UK and International private collections.
Carrie is a member of the Oxford Art Society.