'...just oil paint doing what oil should: twisting itself into the contours of its subject, becoming  leaves, vines, fire and sky. There’s a desperate message behind Jelly’s work – we’re chopping the rainforest down at a terrifying rate — but even so the paintings feel like a celebration of the jungle in all its claustrophobic enormity. If you can, buy one. Otherwise go and soak up the richness of these paeans to the natural world.' - Spectator Life, 2019
Jelly Green (b.1992) is a British-New Zealander artist who grew up in Suffolk and trained at Morley College. Maggi Hambling has been her mentor since she was 16 years old. Green is a passionate advocate for nature and has produced works highlighting the plight of the World’s rainforests and their deforestation. She paints the natural environment in a way that is immediate and immersive reminding us that we are all interconnected and if we are to save ourselves we must save the living things around us. Each work is a technical virtuoso in oil painting and as the layers build we are left admiring forest scenes as incredible as any baroque masterpiece.