Richard Smith C.B.E (1931-2016): The Sculptural Printmaker


Zuleika Gallery will be holding an exhibition at the Story Museum, Pembroke Street, Oxford from 15th - 22nd March 2017.


The exhibition will display Smiths prints from the 1970s which were produced at the time when Smith was gaining a reputation for his Kite Paintings that pushed at the boundaries of painting, blurring the lines between sculpture and painting.  At the same time, Smith produced an extraordinary body of prints that are equally ground breaking - pushing at the boundaries of printmaking.  The works blur the lines between two dimensional and three dimensional work.  Many of the works are printed on large pieces of paper that are folded to reveal a square or rectangle or elliptical shape completely different to the unfolded work.  Collage is introduced in the form of ties and paperclips, occasionally transparent paper.  Smith’s subject is spatial rhythm achieved through the arrangements of the shapes, the injection of colour and the overlapping of planes.  Smith was associated with the color field painters in the 20th Century and this exhibition is a rare opportunity to see his dynamic graphic work in Oxford.