Peter Care - Echoes

8 - 20 January 2019 London

Zuleika Gallery are delighted to present 'Echoes' the first solo exhibition in London for the artist Peter Care. Having spent the majority of his career living and working in the Netherlands where he was represented by Galerie Vromans, Care returned to the UK in 2008 and to his studio in Filkins, Oxfordshire.

Care is absolutely committed to abstraction in his practice. Abstraction is for Care its own visual language in itself through which he can communicate feeling and sensations that could not otherwise be articulated.  Care is non-representational and non-verbal in his visual practise and his work is realised through the very process of painting.   His open attitude and lack of pre-conceived thought allow for the subject to reveal itself to him.  Care always works in series, and once the subject is revealed, Care will explore it until the series is complete.  Each series can have subsections and in Echo Care explores different notions of the concept - the deep echo, double echo and soft echo are each allowed to emerge.  Care presents the viewer with different forms of visual reverberations.  Care's aim is always to find a visual harmony and to produce work that is exquisitely balanced in tone,composition and rhythm. A great music lover, these are Care's visual symphonies.