Tim Sayer's Selection

  • Tim Sayer, Journalist, Collector and Director of Zuleika Gallery.

    • Marice Cumber, The Survivor's Trophy, 2020
      Marice Cumber, The Survivor's Trophy, 2020
      £ 280.00
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    • Vivien Sieber, Medium Monsoon Dish
      Vivien Sieber, Medium Monsoon Dish
      £ 100.00
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    • Frances Aviva Blane, Run
      Frances Aviva Blane, Run
      £ 5,000.00
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    • Lucy Saggers, Swine Gill
      Lucy Saggers, Swine Gill
      £ 160.00
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    • Charlie Lee-Potter, Frontier
      Charlie Lee-Potter, Frontier
      £ 190.00
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    • Martin Smith, Omphalos
      Martin Smith, Omphalos
      £ 1,500.00
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  • Maurice Cumber, The Survivor's Trophy: "I can't resist this -- it has attitude and makes me smile."

    Vivien Sieber, Medium Monsoon Dish: "An object that I would like to nestle in my hands -- gorgeous colouring and texture."


    Frances Aviva Blane, Run: "I have admired Frances' work over many years for its vibrancy and colour. A very appropriate title."


    Andy Owen, Wood Blewitt: "I see this as a contemporary and slightly whimsical extension of the plant work of John Nash. I hope the artist doesn't mind!"


    Lara Julian, PB.6.10.19A: "This demands to be studied for some time -- only then are the depths and colours completely revealed."


    Andrew Bell, Relax: "An excellent composition, technically spot on. I'd like to walk into that room."


    Lucy Saggers, Swine Gill: "An evocative image of a site in Cumbria that's known for its previously unrecorded quartz-antimony vein! Hard to imagine that it could have been discovered just down the cart track."


    Charlie Lee-Potter, Frontier: "For me, this evokes memories from my childhood, some of them rather disturbing. Good composition."


    Martin Smith, Omphalos: "An excellent reinterpretation of an ancient form of sculpture. I'm intrigued by the tactility of the surface."