"It has become increasingly important to continually question the purpose of painting in the 21st century. At a time when there are so many creative mediums available to express creativity and ideas, painting remains a popular and powerful medium. Its ability to‘exchange thoughts’ and depict ‘histories, ideas, events and emotions’ is both poignant and relevant (Harris et al. 2003, p.73). Put plainly, a ‘painting is a flat surface covered with colours arranged in a certain order’ (Chipp, 1986, p.94). I am intrigued by the limitless potential that the combination of surface and colour holds and its ability to evoke human response. Primacy of mark making and raw expression is fundamental to abstract painting. I am drawn to its ability to aid self discovery. I believe that abstract painting can be described as an act of self-investigation for both the artist and the viewer. I am particularly interested in the way in which different painting mediums act with and resist each other and how certain marks and colours can affect and manipulate how a painting is interpreted by the viewer." Alyssa Dabbs.


Bristol University (Beacon House, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QU) - PGCE, QTS – (Art and Design) | 2020-21

Loughborough University (Epinal Way, Loughborough, L11 3TU) - BA Hons Fine Art - 2017-20.

Loughborough University (Epinal Way, Loughborough, L11 3TU) - Art and Design Foundation Diploma Level 3, Distinction 2016-17



2016 - The Gallery ‘Transitions’ Loughborough, United Kingdom.

2017 - ‘Loughborough University Degree Show’ Loughborough, United Kingdom.

2018 - Saatchi Gallery ‘Saatchi Screen’ London, United Kingdom. 

2018 - The Welcome Mat Gallery ‘DD/MM/YYYY’ Loughborough, United Kingdom.

2018 - The Welcome Mat Gallery ‘All 2 Human’ Loughborough, United Kingdom.

2019 - MTC Coventry ‘Making a Mark’ Coventry, United Kingdom.

2019 - Shirley Pearce Square ‘Landed’ Loughborough, United Kingdom.

2019 – Fence Gallery, Stroud, United Kingdom.

2019 – Art in the Park, Cheltenham, United Kingdom. 

2019 - Age is Just a Number, Group Exhibition. Zuleika Gallery, St James's, London, United Kingdom.

2019 - Cotswold Christmas. Group Exhibition. Old Farmhouse Gallery (Zuleika Gallery), Charlbury, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

2020 - Subconscious Realism: Alyssa Dabbs. Solo Exhibition. Sewell Gallery, Radley College, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

2020 - Visual Impact.Group Exhibition. MTC Coventry, Coventry, United Kingdom.

2020 - Line_You’ve Crossed it.Group Exhibition. The Welcome Mat Gallery, Loughborough Leicestershire, United Kingdom.

2020Spring Exhibition 2020. Fence Gallery, Stroud, United Kingdom.

2020Loughborough University Degree Show 2020 Group Exhibition. Loughborough, United Kingdom.

2020Transcendental Fence Gallery, Stroud, United Kingdom.

2020Winter Fence Gallery, Stroud, United Kingdom.

2021Aestas. Fence Gallery, Stroud, United Kingdom.

2021Autumn. Fence Gallery, Stroud, United Kingdom.

2022Prevail Fence Gallery, Stroud, United Kingdom.

2022Spring. Fence Gallery, Stroud, United Kingdom.

2023 - Spring, Fence Gallery, Stroud, United Kingdom.



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A-N Artists Network, Joined 2017.

NSEAD, Joined 2020.