"Kathleen Hyndman is convincing with her geometrical pictures. Tranquility streams out of her pictures." General Anzeiger, Germany.


Kathleen Hyndman's work explores arithmetical sequences and geometry as a means of distributing motifs, shapes and colours.  Golden section proportions and angles, prime numbers, Fibonacci numbers and eccentric constructions are used. Subject choices are made as to which variety or conjuction of constructive ideas and which colours are used to parallel the initial visual perception.  One idea can produce a sereis of work.  Interrelations within the work and to the whole are aimed at achieving a calm and balanced unity.  Each work has attempts to be a visual version of 'truth'  - an attempt to make no false move in colour, tone or value.


Born in Brentwood Essex in 1928 Hyndman trained at Kingston-on-Thames School of Art and exhibited widely since the early 1970s. In 1972 she exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford and in 1982 at the Hayward Annual, Hayward Art Gallery London.  As well as exhibiting extensively in London, Hyndman has exhibited her work internationally in Germany (Kunstlerforum, Bonn), Poland, (Fourth Triennale of Drawing, Wroclaw), France, South Africa and the Netherlands.  Hyndman's studio was in rural Oxfordshire where she continued to paint until her death age 94 in 2022.