2020: FRAGMENTED, with Claudia Clare, Zuleika Gallery, London
2020: ‘Distancing’, with Basil Beattie, Susan Stockwell, Dryden Goodwin, ECARTSPACE online
2020: The Desire Of Looking, with Daniel Enkaoua, Marcelle Hanselaar, De Queeste Kunstkamers Abele/Watou Belgium

2019: Age is just a number, Summer Show, Zuleika Gallery, London. 
2019: Abstract Allies, Zuleika Gallery, London. Curated by Tim Sayer MBE with Naum Gabo, Nigel Hall, Howard Hodgkin.
2019: IKONOCLASH #01, De Queeste Kunstkamers, Abele/Watou, Belgium, with Roel Goussay, Mercelle Hanselaar. 

2018: dark’ De Queeste Kunstkamers, Abele/Watou, Belgium. Solo show.

2018: BLANE. Broken Heads, Broken Paint, 12 Star Gallery at Europe House, London. Solo show.
2018: John Moores Painting Prize 2018, Walker Gallery, Liverpool.
2018: No Man is an Island, with Susan Stockwell and David Connearn, Art Dialog, Bonn.
2017: HUMAN, The German Embassy, London.
2017: Creekside Open, selected by Jordan Baseman.

2016 – 2017: TWO FACES. Painting/HEADS, The German Embassy Belgravia, London. Solo show.
2016: Liquid Thought, with Daniel Enkaoua and Chris Stevens,De Queeste Kunstkamers Abele/Watou Belgium.
2016: Impact, with Marthe Zinc, Louise Bourgeois, Mark Anstee,De Queeste Kunstkamers Abele/Watou Belgium.
2015: De Vage Grens, with Frank Auerbach, Reniere & Depla,De Queeste Kunstkamers, Abele/Watou, Belgium.
2015: Jerwood Drawing Prize London and tour.

2014: DECONSTRUCT. solo show alongside exhibitions of Louise Bourgeois and Francis Bacon De Queeste Kunstkamers, Abele/Watou, Belgium.Solo show.

2014: BIG BLACK PAINTINGS. Bay Hall, Kings College, London. Solo show.
2006 – 2008: Drawing Breath, Jerwood Anniversary Exhibition, Award WinnersLondon, Sydney, Bristol. 

2007: Annely Juda, a Celebration, Annely Juda Fine Art, London.
2006: PRIME TIME, German and English Painting, Berlin.
2002: London Gallery Swap,sponsored by the British Council and Goethe institute.  
2001: Drawing with Basil Beattie, ecArtspace, London.
2000: Painting with John McLean, ecArtspace, London.

1999: Jerwood Award for Drawing.
1999: Cheltenham and Gloucester, Open Drawing Show (award winner).
1998: Mid-America ART Alliance Fellowship for Visual Arts.
1998: Residency at Djerassi Artists’ Foundation, California.

1998: The Djerassi Resident Art Programme, California.
1991: Graham Hamilton Drawing Prize.



2020: Two Metres Apart, with Susie Orbach, directed by Penny Woolcock

2020: Who is Frances Aviva Blane?, directed by Penny Woolcock