Jemma Powell (b. 1980) is an artist working in Oxfordshire who embraces observational preliminary drawing before working in oils, often through memory, to produce highly sensual works. Powell’s technique embraces making mistakes working intuitively through the process of applying the paint, wiping it off, reapplying with brush or palette knife, scrubbing it and using her fingers to make expressive marks, “I like the mistakes, they are the most exciting part, things start to appear and the painting takes on a life of its own.” Powell treats her still lifes and interiors as she would a landscape, simply another way of expressing colour, shape and form. The results are beautifully composed and balanced paintings that bring the viewer into a tranquil and contented place full of scent, taste and warm sunlight. Powell is also an actress and attended Bristol University and has a BA in Drama as well as a Diploma in acting from The Oxford School of Drama. She lives in Oxfordshire with her musician husband Jack Savoretti and their two children.