Ross's response to her surroundings and the richness of the world is deeply intuitive.  Her paintings and drawings contains many symbols:  Tropical landscape, the environment, industrial, abandoned architecture, decay and social change, woman, angelic forces, loss and grief.  


Unique encounters with individuals through time have inspired a dynamic investigation into personal history.  The context of the work is about memories, observation and the ability to draw automatically and freely on images from the psyche that resonate poetically.  Ross’s is a vibrant and visceral language that brings to life the qualities of colour, light and darkness that are metaphors for human nature.  

With materials at hand and a vision of a palette, Ross immerses herself into the painting process, paying close attention to ideas, shapes and marks that emerge.  Layers of marks and meaning are embedded into the paint’s storytelling.  Using an orbital sander creates erasure like a rubber, leaving a history of surface texture.  Ross’s techniques vary from brushwork, to pouring, splashing, smearing the paint directly from the tube, a printing roller, drawing, and textured impasto.  What emerges is an organic process that begins with an idea and evolves and manifests itself into a beautiful work of art!


Arabella Ross is a British painter & Ceramicist.  Ross has exhibited in London, the UK and India.  Her work is found in private collections in London, Europe, North America & Australia.  Born, 1959 she was brought up with the teachings of the Indian Philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti (1896-1986.) In the early part of her career she was an Artist in Residence - India for three months. Ross went on to complete a BA Hons painting and a Masters degree in Fine art at Chelsea college of Art, where she was taught by Eileen Cooper, Ken Kiff and Trevor Sutton.  Arabella Ross is now represented by The Zuleika gallery in London & Woodstock.