British painter

" The journey of a painting is a constant joy throughout my practise, works created over the last few months have allowed me to really push my work beyond the representational and into a more abstracted and expressive space which is really exciting. I’ve been making automatic paintings starting from references in nature but then letting the work evolve through the rhythm of the marks and colours, Music plays a huge part with songs emerging from memory and often guiding  the journey of the painting, lyrics and songs then become the title of the work itself. This brings a mindful headspace which allows, in a meditative way, the painting to direct it’s own journey. The goal is to be present in the moment of making which is incredibly liberating. Emerging from a pandemic lockdown world with so may restrictions it feels like the most honest way to honour my creative practise" Carrie Stanley, 2022.
Carrie studied at the Lorenzo di Medici Art Institute in Florence and also at the Turps banana art school. She has devoted herself entirely to her art and has her work is highly sought after, residing in many UK and International private collections. 

Carrie is an expressive figurative oil painter whose work delves into psychology and personal history via an automatic painting process which allows for a rich, unexpected and vibrant use of colour and marks. Her work seeks to acknowledge the journey and materiality of the paint itself as an important part of this process.