Myrica Jones: The Art of Line: Stables Café, Blenheim Palace

The Art of Line, now on at the Stables Café at Blenheim Palace brings together a remarkable series of new works on paper by artist Myrica Jones (b. 1966). The exhibition The Art of Line opens to the public on the 4th April 2023 and continues until 6 September 2024.


Myrica Jones began as a mural artist and has had a successful career painting special effects for private clients over three decades. Escaping challenges facing her family in 2018, Jones picked up a pen and began to draw. Since then, she has amassed a graphic series of ink works on paper that has led to her becoming a highly esteemed artist in Oxfordshire and a prize-winning member of the Oxford Arts Society. Her extraordinarily steady hand methodically draws individual lines which build up over time. The lines according to Jones ‘simply flow’ using fluid linear movements and adjusting pressure to add tone and depth to the image.


Inspired by Henry Moore and Rodin, as well as by contemporary sculptors, including Ruth Asawa, Mariko Kusumoto and Vittorio Lavazzo, Jones’s work echoes the simple patterns and shapes found in nature as well as more figurative elements from yoga and contemporary dance. Jones enjoys creating amusing compositions and contortions and exploring the comical value of her subjects in space, whilst her recent botanical works have allowed her to take her love of sculptural form further with the addition of needlework in relief.


Zuleika Gallery is delighted to present this exciting new body of work by Myrica Jones in her first major solo show in the UK at Blenheim.


**Ink jet limited edition prints on somerset paper and stamped by King and McGaw are available in full size for all works and some half and quarter sizes. Coloured originals can also be available in black ink prints. Please enquire for further details**