Fountains and Flowers: New Works By Jessica Biggs

‘The warmth of an English summer's day or the brightness of a bouquet of wild flowers, when I paint I’m searching for luminosity and joy’

- Jessica Biggs

Zuleika Gallery is thrilled to announce Fountains and Flowers - New Works by Jessica Biggs. The exhibition is the artist's first solo show and showcases a body of work featuring the gardens of Blenheim Palace and her still life paintings. This exhibition opens on 9th June and runs until 27th June.


Bringing together a new body of work completed over the past twelve months, our summer exhibition will feature Biggs’ paintings of fountains set within the formal gardens of Blenheim Palace, alongside her delicate floral still life paintings. 


The roots of Biggs’ artistic inspiration are with the carefully observed naturalism of the French landscape artists Eugène Boudin (1824-1898) and Camille Corot (1796-1875) and with the domestic interiors of Berthe Morisot (1841-1895) and the colourful still life paintings of Winifred Nicholson (1893-1981).  


Speaking about her choice of subject matter, Biggs explains, 'I am irresistibly drawn to fountains with their cool rushing water set within a hot summer landscape.  Blenheim Palace with its abundance of charming vistas and splendidly ornate gardens has been a joy to capture in paint.” 


The floral still life has been popular across movements, cultures and periods and there is a timeless and effervescent quality to Biggs’ richly patterned paintings with contrasting colours and shapes which together create an effect of harmony.