Nigel Hall RA: Drawings and Small Sculpture

28 February - 14 April 2018

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Nigel Hall (b. 1943, Bristol) is one of Britain’s most esteemed Royal Academicians and mostly known for being a distinguished sculptor and draughtsman. In his work, Hall has always been much concerned with spatial relationships and the interplay between exterior and interior forms where the imagination could play. His main interest is in hidden spaces and the idea of transparency, so that the viewer is able to see through the elements and the space surrounding. The sculptures, more specifically, become part of the the place where they are set in, they frame a part of the view and allows one element to be seen through another.


After working through a period of using whites and muted creams he has now reintroduced intense colours. The exhibited drawings can be seen has a series of colour arcs that have a central point from which the colour radiates and expands along the piece. Linking these central points in this colour expansion the artist creates irregular polygons. This combination of charcoal and colour is seen by Hall as the relationship between seed and petals of a flower. This leads to the choose of colour, which ranges from shades of sharp lemony yellows to oranges and reds.