6 Mason's Yard, London SW1Y 6BU £45 6pm - 7.45pm

We are delighted to welcome award winning photographer and explorer, Stephen Alvarez to the gallery on Tuesday 12th September at 6.30pm. Stephen joins us from Tennessee and will give a presentation on his work developing the Ancient Art Archive. This is an excellent opportunity to meet Stephen and hear about his work in a very private an intimate environment at 6 Mason's Yard. Tickets are limited to £45, and there will be a reception after the talk in order to continue the conversation. 


The Talk

Of all animals, Humans are the only species to make art. These durable symbols allow communication to transcend time and space. In a world before writing, they are how we recorded our first stories. Art has helped us transform our world. Along the timeline of human history our earliest ancestors recorded their hopes, thoughts and fears on rock and cave walls across the globe. The Ancient Art Archive seeks to explore, preserve and share those first stories.  Arguably making art is the one behavior that is uniquely human. Why and when did we start making art? What can Ancient Art tell us about today’s world of image based social media? How can digital technology help us explore share and preserve our fist stories? 


The Speaker

Stephen Alvarez is an award winning National Geographic photographer, film maker and explorer who produces global stories about exploration, adventure, culture and archeology. He has published over a dozen feature stories in National Geographic Magazine. The Magazine has sent him from the highest peaks in the Andes to the depths of the deepest cave in the world. His latest National Geographic story on the Origins of Art led from early human sites on the southern coast of Africa to Paleolithic art caves in France and Spain.  


Moved by the power of humanity’s earliest artworks, Alvarez founded The Ancient Art Archive in 2016. The Archive is a non profit foundation dedicated to using the photography and the newest image based VR technology to preserve and share the humanity’s oldest artworks.  


This event is brought to you by Zuleika Gallery and Gofiee.

Tickets are £45 and a small drinks reception will be held after the talk.

Tickets must be purchased in advance from Gofiee. Please click the link below or email yvonne.tay@gofiee.com