Our Values: Inclusive Passionate Dazzling

Here at Zuleika Gallery we have a strong set of values that guide and inspire us in every aspect of what we do as a gallery and as we continue to grow.  


We love both the physical community that we are part of in Oxfordshire and London but also the wider community of artists and global clients that we have cultured over the years. We see ourselves as a small gallery with a global vision. We strive to be as inclusive as possible in everything that we do to allow as many people as possible to enjoy the art. As a commercial gallery we are focused on selling work, however we also try to work in the pbliuc relm in order to maximise exhibiting possiblited ofr our artists whilst also engaing the widest possible audience.  


We are passionate about what we do! As a team we have a broad set od expertise and experince in the art wolrd. It is important to us to have ling lasting relationships with both our artists and our collectors. Our mission is to present only the best and not to compramise on quality. 


 We want to dazzle you with our amazing artists, with the warm welcome that you will receive wherever you meet us. We want you to have a wonderful experince whether you come to one of our spaces or a public exhibition that we are part of.