"This delicate textile piece shows an original approach to not only representing landscape but, in its tactility and intimate scale, evokes something of how it feels to experience nature, like a personal token." 


- Paul Hobson, Director, Modern Art Oxford
Julia Engelhardt’s background is in arts publishing and exhibitions.  Clients included Laurence King, the Hayward Gallery, the Design Museum, the V&A and Viking Penguin.  Her work involved a lot of visual research and curation.  As a result, she has a huge store of imagery in her head – colours, textures, proportions, visions, sensations – which get distilled and feed into her woven pieces. Julia lives and works in Oxford and is interested in bringing movement to the rigid angular grid set of the shaft loom, giving yarns the space to breathe and to weave pieces of art that feel like objects that have come to life.