‘Artist, Stuart Hartley in conversation with Hannah Payne, Zuleika Gallery, June 2021'

June 9, 2021

In the final week of 'Stuart Hartley: Brave New World' we are delighted to share a conversation between artist, Stuart Hartley and Hannah Payne, Senior Director at Zuleika Gallery. Stuart Hartley discusses works from his exhibition of Brave New World which includes 3-dimensional works from his Event & Incident and Pathways series, alongside a new series of watercolours on paper produced in 2021. The exhibition is open to see at Zuleika Gallery, Woodstock until 14 June 2021.


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“Everyone Sang is based on the poem by Siegfried Sassoon who was a First World War poet. When I was looking for this source of literature to base work on, I came across this poem and was very moved by it…It felt very apt at this moment as we come out of Covid lockdown and many people have lost loved ones over the last 18 months or so, and we are still losing loved ones…it feels apt that I made a work that was about leaving a very dark place and moving forward and seeing the light at what might be ahead.”  Stuart Hartley


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