Femke Dekkers - Open Space: Part of Photo Oxford Festival, curated by Anstice Oakeshott

16 October - 16 November 2020 Woodstock
 ‘I feel more like a painter or sculptor than a photographer.’ Femke Dekkers
Femke Dekkers - Open Space 
To coincide with Photo Oxford Festival 2020, Open Space, the inaugural exhibition of contemporary photography at Zuleika Gallery in Woodstock presents the work of Femke Dekkers ( b.1980 NL) curated by Anstice Oakeshott. Drawing upon nearly a decade of work, the exhibition reveals the unique practice of a multidisciplinary artist, who brings together photography, painting and sculpture to explore the limits of human vision and comprehension. Femke Dekkers uses the camera as a tool to play games with our powers of perception. Treating her studio as a stage set, she explores the tension between static architecture and illusions of painterly perspective.
Illustrated: 15:03, August 2, Thursday, 2012, Inkjetprint on dibond 70 x 101 cm Edition of 3 + 2AP