Rosannagh Scarlet Esson - Alchemy

19 March - 18 April 2021 Woodstock

Zuleika Gallery is delighted to present a solo exhibition by Rosannagh Scarlet- Esson, 'Alchemy'. This exhibition features Rosannagh's large-scale energetic abstract paintings on canvas, including brand new works produced at her studio in Oxfordshire the past year and in lockdown.


Rosannagh Scarlet Esson is a UK-based contemporary artist working primarily in large-scale, mixed-media works on canvas. Rosannagh's practice is inspired by the evolving aesthetics and symbolism of the natural world, particularly through the lens of Ecological Succession. Her work explores the alchemy of painting by abstracting colour and form through exposure to elemental forces.

Fire, ice, rain, time - forces such as these demonstrate the way in which creation and destruction combine to shape the world around us. Rosannagh’s alchemical paintings explore the untameable, transformative effects of the elements, flora and fauna, pairing unconventional materials and processes to explore the duality of growth and decay.



Please note, open dates may alter due to lockdown measures. Updates will be provided here. Please contact the gallery if you have any enquiries.


Illustrated: Rosannagh Scarlet Esson, Alchemy - Copper I , 2020, Copper paint, soot, salt and rain water on canvas, 100 x 100 cm