Riley and Hyndman: The Rhythm of Life

Zuleika Gallery is excited to announce its forthcoming exhibition, Riley and Hyndman: The Rhythm of Life, that will be open from 12 January to 7 March in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. This exhibition will feature original paintings by Kathleen Hyndman and a selection of prints by Bridget Riley. 

This exhibition gives an exciting opportunity to view the work of these two nonagenarian female artists side by side. As Hyndman celebrates her 94th birthday in January 2022, the comparisons and synchronicities between her work and that of her more famous artistic contemporary are compelling. Visually the work of these two artists have clear similarities with the use of geometric shapes, pattern and colour. Both artists were inspired by nature to produce work that reflected the visual rhythms and harmonies found in the world around them. For Riley, this investigation was primarily grounded in colour theory, whereas for Hyndman, her response is underpinned by her understanding of mathematics.  The flow of water, the movement of the wind or dappling of light provide the visual stimuli for both artists. The patterns of nature are translated into their work, and we are delighted to be able to show them side by side in the Woodstock gallery this January.


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