Keith Vaughan: Works on Paper: from the collection of the Late John Constable

“This will be the first opportunity since Keith Vaughan’s death to view a complete set of the artist’s lithographs, including the eight illustrations he created for Rimbaud’s ‘A Season in Hell’.” Gerard Hastings

Zuleika Gallery is thrilled to announce  its first exhibition at Cromwell Place Keith Vaughan: Works on Paper - from the collection of the Late John Constable, from 16th to 27th February 2022.  This exhibition is collaboration with Harry Moore-Gwyn Fine Art.

This exhibition will feature over 40 works by Vaughan, including the full set of lithographs, seen together in completeness, alongside war time drawings and watercolours. Keith Vaughan is particularly known for his tender depictions of the male form. Through his art he explored his own sexuality at a time when homosexuality was criminalised in England. The exhibition shows his breadth as a draftsmen and also includes several sketches made during the war at Bulford camp.
This exhibition is free and bookings are optional. Click at the link below if you'd like to book for this exhibition.