Paul Hobson selects best entry for ceramic, painting, print, photography and sculptural/3D work

  • We are delighted to present here Best Entries for Painting, Ceramic, Sculpture, Photography and Print as selected by Paul Hobson, Director of Modern Art Oxford. Paul has been Director of MAO since September 2013. He read History at Oxford University and completed post-graduate studies in aesthetics and contemporary visual theory.  Working for more than twenty years in the art world, Paul previously held senior roles at the Contemporary Art Society, The Showroom, the Serpentine Gallery and Royal Academy of Arts in London.  We are so grateful to have Paul's support with Art from the Heart 2021. Our congratulations to all of the artists who feature on this list.

    • Marice Cumber, The Survivor's Trophy, 2020
      Marice Cumber, The Survivor's Trophy, 2020
    • Michael Garaway, Holybrook Knot
      Michael Garaway, Holybrook Knot
      £ 275.00
    • John A. Blythe, KERIII N (PP01.1+5-PF10.1+9)190608 #3
      John A. Blythe, KERIII N (PP01.1+5-PF10.1+9)190608 #3
    • Alex Zanda, Hanging on
      Alex Zanda, Hanging on
      £ 120.00
    • Julia Engelhardt, Parkland, 2019
      Julia Engelhardt, Parkland, 2019
  • Ceramics

    Marice Cumber, The Survivor’s Trophy, 2020

    I like the personality and direct mode of address of this quirky piece which seems to celebrate daily triumphs over adversity, with its handles on its hips!



    Michael Garaway, Holybrook Knot

    This painting combines geometric abstraction with representation of a local landmark in a way that feels like a bold and distinctive artistic practice.



    John A Blythe, KERIII N (PP01.1+5-PF10.1+9)190608#3

    This abstract photograph manages to combine values which are both painterly and photographic, while foregrounding the process of making in a way that draws on conceptual photographic practices.



    Alex Zanda, Hanging On

    After a year of sustained stamina in the face of unrelenting challenges, this unsettling print seems to talk to contemporary conditions and a national mood.



    Julia Engelhardt, Parkland, 2019

    This delicate textile piece shows an original approach to not only representing landscape but, in its tactility and intimate scale, evokes something of how it feels to experience nature, like a personal token.