Peter Care graduated in 1973 from Medway College of Art (now part of the University of the Creative Arts) with a 1st in Studio Ceramics and practised for many years in ceramics and photography, turning to painting in the early 1990s while working and living in the Netherlands. His work explores the intense relationship between the viewer and the work of art and raises questions about subject. The real subject for Care is the internal narrative between the artist and his practice. Care's work controls paint to carefully reveal and expose forms until he is satisfied with the aesthetic result.  For Care, the subject reveals itself during the process of painting which then becomes the basis for a whole body of work. The subject in this sense is hidden until it is reveled to the maker.


Peter Care has exhibited widely in the Netherlands and Germany and his work is held in many public and private collections.


Public Collections:
Frans Hals Museum, Netherlands

Foundation Vromans, Netherlands


Significant Private Collections:

Ras Collection, Utrecht

Steenman Colllection, Maasdam

Winkelman Collection, Rotterdam

Jatzwauk Collection, Munich

Thiemaan Collection, Hamburg