Femke Dekkers - Open Space II

‘There is something about looking around outside, in daily life, that I want to capture in my studio… ‘Ways of seeing.’  Femke Dekkers, 2021 

To coincide with Photo London, Femke Dekkers: Open Space II at Zuleika Gallery London presents new unseen photographs from Femke Dekkers' summer residency at Vincent van GoghHuis, NL alongside highlights from the artist’s 2020 Photo Oxford Festival exhibition held at the gallery’s space in Woodstock. 

Femke Dekkers uses paint, sculpture and photography to play games with two and three-dimensional space. Treating her studio as a stage ‘set’ she constructs immersive sculptural compositions from paper, wood, paint and found objects. When finally captured through her camera these sculptural creations morph into dynamic two-dimensional photographs that explore the tension between static architecture and illusions of painted perspective.

 The exhibition is curated by Anstice Oakeshott.


Illustrated: Stage 2:4, 2018, pigment print on fiber based paper, 105 x 70 cm, edition of 5