Winter Show. Fine Art and Rare Jewels: An exhibition in collaboration between Zuleika Gallery and Facet & Fable rare jewels

Facet & Fable will be opening their doors to the hidden world of exceptional antique jewellery. A stunning seasonal collection of vibrant jewels will be showcased. All backed by academic excellence and world-class research.  Bringing a unique piece of old world magic and charm to your Christmas season. 


Zuleika Gallery will also be showing work by its amazing roster of contemporary female artists Jessica Biggs, Marice Cumber, Rosannagh Scarlet Esson, Nicola Green, Rachel Gracey, Arabella Ross, Frances Aviva Blane, Julia Engelhardt, Alice Irwin, Rebekah Tuluie, Victoria Meadow, and Carrie Stanley. 


Come and see some fabulous art and incredible antique jewellery in the amazing location of Cromwell Place. 


Enter 3D Tour - Part 1


Enter 3D Tour - Part 2